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Hybrid Racing

Hybrid Racing Chicane Shift Knob

Hybrid Racing Chicane Shift Knob

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This fresh-off-the-press Hybrid Racing Chicane Shift Knob was crafted with the newest gen cars in mind. It gets even better: the center is made of stainless steel, adding a heftiness to an otherwise lightweight build. Plus, it contains a rare earth magnet inserted into the collar which snugly secures the boot without any tools (no need to break a sweat). The aluminum model comes with Type II Class 2 anodizing in red or black, so no need to double-dip. It even includes a rubber hand to fasten the boot without it getting messed up! Weighing in at 230grams, this 46.5mm diameter by 61mm tall knob is threaded deep and sits nice and low on the latest shifters, with its round shape fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand.


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