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Fluidampr Steel Internally Balanced Crank Pulley (Harmonic Balancer for Honda S2000

Fluidampr Steel Internally Balanced Crank Pulley (Harmonic Balancer for Honda S2000


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The Fluidampr Steel Internally Balanced Crank Pulley for Honda S2000 is designed to control destructive vibrations transferred through the crankshaft. This is done by effectively managing the torque spikes that occur when the air/fuel mixture ignites in the cylinders. These spikes can cause torsional vibrations that can be damaging to engine components such as bearings and the crankshaft. Unlike stock rubber dampers that work at only one critical frequency, the Fluidampr damper is designed to control these vibrations at numerous points in an engine's operating range. Additionally, rubber dampers are not efficient at dissipating heat, which can lead to deterioration and ultimately damper failure. With Fluidampr, you can rest assured that your engine will be protected from harmful vibrations and operate smoothly.


Bore Diameter: 1.1823"
Degree Marking Range: TDC. BDC. 7, 9, 11, 15 deg
Degree Markings: Engraved
Engine Balance: Internal
Finish: Black Zinc
Keyway: Yes
Length: 2.056"
Material: Steel
Outside Diameter: 5-1/2"
Safety Rating: SFI 18.1
TITLE: Fluidampr - 530601 - Harmonic Balancer - Fluidampr - Honda - 2000-2009 S2000 - F20C/F22C - Each
Weight / Rotating Weight: 5.8 lbs / 3.9 lbs
Pulley Groove: 6
Inside Diameter 1.1823


2000-2009 Honda S2000


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